Practice Areas

Sanford Kahn, LLP lawyers provide a full range of legal services to landlords in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Our firm concentrates on simple and complex landlord/tenant issues.  The attorneys at Sanford Kahn, LLP will assist landlords/property management teams through any landlord/tenant issues.  Our practice areas include:

Document Review and Drafting

We will assist in reviewing your leases and supporting documentation to ensure all documentation is in the best form to operate and manage the property.

Preparation of Notices

Sanford Kahn, LLP will draft Notices of Termination in those cases where a 10-Day Notice of Termination is required due to violation of the Lease, a Notice for Subsidized Housing/Tenancies where the Notice requires specific language, and any complicated situation in which a certain type of Notice of Termination is required.


We at Sanford Kahn, LLP are extremely receptive to our clients.  We have seven attorneys and administrative staff capable of filing your case within 24 hours of receipt of your Notice to our office.  Depending on which county your case is filed, the court date is scheduled from 7 to 14 days after confirming your Notice.  We bill our clients on a flat rate in order to ensure our clients are fully aware of their costs and fees prior to filing the case with our office.

Sanford Kahn, LLP also does extensive litigation in Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance disputes, human rights complaints, formal and informal grievance hearings, bankruptcy as it relates to landlord/tenant evictions, appeals, subsidized housing issues, class actions and jury trials.


Our firm is available for continuing education with our clients regarding any legal issues that arise in the management/ownership of property.  A seminar will be available to discuss any legal/procedural issues that arise in your ownership/management of the property.  Our firm would be available to discuss any issues with ownership, management and staff.