Sanford Kahn

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Of Counsel

Sanford Kahn is an attorney who has practiced in Landlord/Tenant Law for over forty years.  He is a graduate from The University of Illinois, as well as DePaul Law School and began his career as a civil rights attorney with the law firm of McCoy, Ming and Black.

He is principal of his own law firm, Sanford Kahn, LLP, which consists of seven attorneys all of who focus on Landlord/Tenant Law.  They represent many Property Management firms, Housing Cooperatives and not-for-profit organizations, as their eviction attorney.

He files over four hundred Forcible Entry & Detainer actions per month for Commercial, Industrial and Residential rental and Cooperatives and Subsidized Properties in six counties.

He has lectured and written extensively on the subject of legal problems confronting property managers and their solutions.

He is very knowledgeable on the Federal Rules and Regulations relating to Landlord/Tenant Relations, and has drafted several leases which are currently being utilized in Residential Housing.  He also represents Housing Cooperatives as their Cooperative attorney, and is very knowledgeable on the subject of Housing Cooperatives.