Sanford Kahn Attorneys Win Cases

Within the past week, three different Sanford Kahn attorneys won three different trials!  Robert Kahn won a significant eviction trial for a commercial lessor and secured a large judgment in the landlord’s favor.  Michael Griffin won an eviction trial for a subsidized housing landlord involving complicated issues under the Code of Federal Regulations.  And, Jonathon Mikrut won a difficult eviction trial for a south suburban housing cooperative.  All three tenants were represented by knowledgeable counsel, but Sanford Kahn attorneys ultimately prevailed.  

Sanford Kahn attorneys win cases. 

When you’re comparing landlord-tenant attorneys, ask the right questions: (1) What experience do you have?  (2) What knowledge do you have?  (3) Will you get me what I want, or will you force me to accept an unfavorable settlement?

1. Experience. 

Sanford Kahn has been in the business of representing landlords and property management companies since 1973.  Our attorneys have over 100 years of collective experience, and our firm handles nearly 5,000 landlord-tenant matters every year. 

No other landlord-tenant exclusive law firm has this kind of experience.

2. Knowledge.

With experience comes knowledge.  Sanford Kahn has more institutional legal knowledge of landlord-tenant matters because we have handled more cases, appeared in more courtrooms, written more briefs, litigated more legal issues, tried more cases, and handled more appeals than any other landlord-tenant exclusive law firm.

3. Tenacity.

Sanford Kahn attorneys try cases.  Every year we try hundreds of bench trials and several jury trials.  However, you may be surprised to know that very few landlord-tenant lawyers actually try cases.  They don’t do bench trials, and they have probably never conducted a jury trial.  Ask your attorney when, if ever, he or she last conducted a trial.  Then ask how many total trials he or she has conducted in their career.  The answer will surprise you.

These questions are important because attorneys without trial experience are nervous to try cases and more likely to “force” their landlord-client to settle the case on unfavorable terms.  If you want attorneys who will fight for you at trial and have the knowledge, experience, and reputation to get you the result you need, just call or email us today.